Why Propane

The Benefits of Using Propane

Discover what propane can do for your home.

In towns large and small all over northern Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati and Southwest Ohio, more and more homes are converting to propane.

You may have noticed that your neighbors are adding propane to their homes, and you may be wondering what has them making the switch to propane over electricity, natural gas or geothermal.

We’re here with four benefits of propane that will have you ready to add it to your home.

benefits of propane

Propane is energy efficient

Propane heating has an average efficiency rate of more than 90%. That’s so much better than you’ll get when you heat your home with electricity. And propane water heaters heat your water more quickly and efficiently than their electric counterparts. You can enjoy lower energy costs and a more environmentally friendly energy source without having to give up a bit of comfort.

Propane is versatile

While you may know about the benefits of propane heat and water heating, that’s not all that makes propane the best energy source to use around your house. Here’s what else propane can do for you:

Propane can do that: for homeowners

Propane vs electricity

Propane is wherever you are

So much of the Midwest Gas service area in Northern Kentucky, Southwest Ohio and surrounding areas is in places where natural gas service isn’t available or is prohibitively expensive to install. But with a propane tank right on your own property, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of propane gas heating, water heating, cooking, space heating and more.

Propane is safe

Because of stringent federal, state and local regulations, and high standards in the propane industry and at companies like Midwest Gas, propane has a remarkably strong safety record. We are dedicated to not only providing safe delivery but helping you learn all about propane safety.

Ready to learn more about what propane can do for your home? Get in touch with us today and we’ll be glad to answer your questions.