Propane Service for Homes in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati

Midwest Gas: Servicing your propane needs since 1945

There are so many ways propane makes life better for you and your home here in Northern Kentucky or Greater Cincinnati.

You probably know that propane is the best fuel for comfortable home heating that’s clean-burning, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. You may also know that propane water heaters are more efficient and cost-effective than comparable electric models and get more water hot faster.

But that’s only the beginning of all the things propane can do for your home, both indoors and out.

Propane can be used for space heating, cooking, fireplaces and hearths, clothes dryers, and whole-house standby generators. Propane makes your backyard better, with easy-to-use grills that give you great results, outdoor fireplaces, deck and patio heaters, firepits, pool and spa heaters, and insect traps.

You can get all these benefits no matter where you live, because with propane you’re not dependent on a natural gas utility. Your supply is right there, at your home, thanks to residential propane service from Midwest Gas. Learn more about the benefits of propane.

Here’s what you get as a Midwest Gas customer.

propane delivery

Reliable propane delivery

We offer options for getting you your propane. Our most popular option is our Autofill plan for automatic propane delivery. Midwest Gas uses your propane usage history and current weather conditions to accurately determine when you will need a propane delivery. We then schedule a delivery to your home before you run low. Not only do you get ease and convenience, but you can also save up to 15¢ per gallon.

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propane tanks

Propane tank installation and leasing

We sell, install and maintain propane tanks in a wide range of sizes, and can expertly and properly do underground installations. You also have the no-work, no-worry option of propane tank leasing. You don’t have to deal with the up-front costs of purchasing your tank, or the long-term maintenance and repair costs.

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Propane hearth and space-heating products

Propane fireplaces give you the cozy comfort you want with none of the work of a wood fire. We sell, install and maintain a wide range of attractive vent-free gas logs. And if you’re looking to keep an unheated or underheated space warm, we sell and install vent-free gas heaters.

A dedication to safety

Midwest Gas is a local, family-owned company. We care about our customers, because you’re our neighbors. Our delivery drivers and technicians are trained and knowledgeable about the safe handling of propane. And we make sure you know all about how to safely use propane in your home.

People in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati know that Midwest Gas is the one to trust when it comes to propane delivery and service. Become a customer today.

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