Should I Lease or Buy My Propane Tank?

Should I Lease or Buy My Propane Tank?

Written on: December 6, 2021

Midwest Gas can handle all your propane tank needs!

propane tank options kentuckyAre you in need of a propane tank? You’ve come to the right place.

Midwest Gas leases, sells, and installs propane tanks. Whether you lease or buy your propane tank from us, you can be assured that our tanks are of the highest quality and meet all safety standards.

Our outstanding propane tank service starts with us thoroughly going over your needs when it comes to propane. We discuss how you use propane, including how many propane appliances you are using or whether you plan to add propane appliances in the future. That information helps us determine what size propane tank you need. We install propane tanks ranging in size from 100 pounds to 1,000 gallons, so we have the right one for your home.

Leasing a propane tank makes life easy

Buying a propane tank involves a lot of upfront costs, from the purchase of the propane tank to the installation. Then there are the long-term costs of repairs and maintenance, which are solely your responsibility.

Midwest Gas’s affordable leasing plan for aboveground propane tanks takes all that hassle and expense off your shoulders! Not only do you get our expert tank installation, but we’ll take care of all maintenance and repairs.

When you lease your tank with us, you not only get ease, convenience, and peace of mind, you also get the stellar propane delivery we’re known for. With Autofill, we use your propane usage history and current weather to make sure to schedule deliveries when you need them so you can feel secure about your propane supply.

Underground propane tank services

You might prefer having your propane tank underground, and in that case, you would have to buy the propane tank. Many people want an underground propane tank so that they don’t have to see it. In some neighborhoods, there are requirements that propane tanks need to be underground.

If you purchase your underground tank from us, we’ll coordinate with you to prepare your yard for the burial and our qualified service techs will install it properly.

And if you decide to own your tank, you can still enjoy the advantages of being a Midwest Gas Autofill propane delivery customer. Because you have a relationship with us, you’ll have protection when it comes to your propane supply during harsh winters or in times of allocation.

Whether leasing or buying, Midwest Gas makes propane tank installation easy! Contact us to learn more.