Get Your Propane Cylinder Filled for Labor Day!

Get Your Propane Cylinder Filled for Labor Day!

Written on: August 18, 2021

Make Sure You Have Enough Propane for the Cookout

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Summer is still going strong here in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati.

We hope that you’re enjoying it and having loved ones over for cookouts. If you have one planned for the coming Labor Day weekend, you can be sure you’ll have enough propane for the day’s grilling by bringing your propane cylinder or cylinders to our refill station, located at our main office at 2557 Alexandria Pike in Highland Heights, Kentucky. The refill station is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Benefits of Owning Propane Cylinders

Owning a propane cylinder can be very cost-effective when compared with using propane cylinder exchanges at a convenience store, gas station, home improvement store, or grocery store.

You save money because you only pay for the propane you use! Let’s say your propane cylinder is running low. There is still a little propane in the tank but not enough for the day’s grilling. If you go to a propane cylinder exchange, you lose that propane you paid for!

But when you refill your propane cylinder, every bit of propane in there is yours. When you bring it for a refill, you keep that propane and only need to buy the propane needed to fill the rest of your cylinder.

You also save money because, at Midwest Gas, we charge a fair, transparent rate per gallon or pound. It’s not a flat rate like other places, including cylinder exchanges.

Midwest Gas Also Recertifies Propane Cylinders

Propane cylinders are only certified for 12 years after the year they were manufactured. After that, you need to bring it to a certified propane dealer like Midwest Gas to have it recertified. No propane refill station will fill an uncertified cylinder.

How do you know if you need to recertify your propane cylinder? Look at the collar of the cylinder, where you will find stamped markings. A date is stamped near the valve. That is the month and year it was manufactured. For example, if it reads “9-15,” it means your cylinder was manufactured in September of 2015.

If your propane tank needs to be recertified, we make it easy! All you need to do is bring your cylinder to our Highland Heights office where our refill station is located. We’ll inspect it and, if it’s still safe to use, we’ll recertify it. Recertifications are good for five years.

If your propane cylinder is no longer safe to use, we sell 20-, 40-, and 100-pound cylinders, as well as fittings and hoses.

Get fast and easy propane cylinder refills. Come by our Highland Heights office!