Home Delivery

Midwest Gas uses the experience of over 75 years in the propane business combined with the latest delivery technology to maintain a constant, dependable supply of propane. We can reliably deliver when you need it – even if other companies cannot. We offer several easy and flexible options that will suit your propane delivery needs.


Automatic Fill Delivery

With the Automatic Fill plan, there’s no need to check your propane tank gauge and contact us to request a delivery. By tracking your prior propane usage and current weather conditions, Midwest Gas can predict when you will have approximately 20-30% remaining in your tank and schedule a propane delivery to your home. In addition to the convenience and peace of mind provided by Automatic Fill, you will save money! Your propane will be delivered for 10¢ per gallon less than the Will Call rate, plus you can take off an additional 5¢ per gallon if you pay within 15 days of delivery. Contact us today to sign up for Automatic Fill.

Will Call Delivery

If you prefer to control when you get your propane, Midwest Gas offers Will-Call service. This option requires you to keep an eye on your propane gauge and request a delivery when you have 30% remaining in your tank. When you place an order, we will deliver within 7 days, and we will tell you the scheduled delivery date.


Online Delivery Scheduling

Register for online account access and you can request a delivery in the Customer Web Hub or in the Midwest Gas app. Web and App orders are only available for credit approved accounts with no outstanding balance due.

24 Hour Emergency Delivery

Midwest Gas is here for you when the unexpected happens. If you ever suspect a propane leak, or simply forget to check your gauge and run out of gas, you can reach us 24/7/365. Call us at 859-441-8112 and you will be directed to a Midwest Gas service technician who can assist you with an after-hours emergency request.

24 Hour Emergency Delivery

Customer Owned Tank Delivery

If you own your propane tank, let Midwest Gas provide you with reliable service and affordable pricing. Tank owners can establish an account with Midwest Gas in two easy steps.

First, we require proof of tank ownership to comply with the Kentucky Revised Statute 234.190 or the Ohio Fire Code Rule 6107.5, depending on where your propane tank is located. If you do not have the original bill of sale for your tank or another proof of tank ownership, call us to request a sample tank ownership affidavit that you can complete and return to us.

Second, a Midwest Gas technician must perform a one-time Gas System and Appliance Check to confirm that your system is leak-free and operating safely. After these steps are complete, you can participate in any of the Midwest Gas delivery and payment plans that suit your propane usage.

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