Serving Our Customers in Difficult Times

Serving Our Customers in Difficult Times

Written on: April 4, 2022

A Recap of Winter 2021-2022

local gas company kentuckyAs a small, locally owned business, Midwest Gas is always striving to provide reliable service and fair pricing to Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati. When you call Midwest Gas, you are talking to someone who lives in your community, and we are proud to count our customers as family, friends, and neighbors. As we come to the end of another winter heating season, we want to review some of the concerns that we heard from our customers and let you know how we are addressing these issues.

Rising Prices

Rising energy prices are causing stress and worry for many of our customers, and for us too. Midwest Gas has worked hard with our suppliers to keep prices as low as possible and we have been at or below the average price of residential propane in Kentucky and Ohio (source: United States Energy Information Administration). As always, we do not pad your bill with additional fees – there are no fuel surcharges, delivery fees, hazmat fees, or environmental fees.

Recently, we’ve received calls from many customers of other companies who were shocked by bills that jumped $1-$2 over the new customer price. We do not think it’s right when a company attempts to lure in a new customer with a rock bottom price while charging a longtime, loyal customer a much higher price. At Midwest Gas, our new customers are given the same price as our autofill customers.

Supply Concerns

We are also hearing concerns about disruptions in supply and delivery delays. Midwest Gas has maintained a constant and dependable supply of propane and we have long-term partnerships with our suppliers. When you place an order with Midwest Gas, we will deliver within 7 days, and we will tell you the scheduled delivery date. Thanks to our hardworking servicemen who worked through heavy ice accumulations this winter, Midwest Gas was able to keep tanks full and our customers’ homes warm.

This is not always the case when ordering from some of the national propane suppliers. We regularly receive panicked calls from people waiting for 2 to 3 weeks to receive propane deliveries from other companies.

Looking Ahead

As another heating season winds down, it is a good idea to think ahead to next winter. Our Budget Plan starts in the month of May and is a great way to spread out your heating costs over the year. You can also make plans to request a summer fill and get a head start on next winter. Even though we don’t want to think about it now, the cold weather will return, and we hope you will continue to trust Midwest Gas to keep your family warm.