Auto Gas

A New Way to Fuel Your Fleet

Discover all the advantages of autogas.

Have you heard about propane autogas? It’s revolutionizing commercial transportation.

Your business here in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati can reap the benefits of clean-burning, cost-effective autogas with autogas service from Midwest Gas.

Midwest Gas provides complete autogas service. That includes helping you with securing any available grants for converting your fleet vehicles to autogas. We can also help with setting up an autogas filling station, complete with pumps, at your business, school-bus depot or municipal-vehicle garage. You’ll get the reliable, safe delivery that Midwest Gas has been providing since 1945.

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The advantages of autogas fleet fueling

If your business has a fleet of vehicles — cars, buses, shuttles, trucks of all sizes, delivery vans — It takes a lot of work to keep them fueled.

Propane autogas provides many advantages over gasoline or diesel.

Fueling your fleet on-site with autogas is safer and cleaner than using gasoline or diesel, and you don’t have to worry about spills and the damage and potentially costly cleanup that result.

Plus, you save time, because with on-site fueling, your employees don’t lose time looking for a gas station or deal with receipts, record-keeping or reimbursement. Fuel theft is also dramatically reduced.

Why autogas is great for municipalities and school districts

You can help save your taxpayers money by converting all kinds of municipal and school vehicles — police cars, trucks, vans, buses and shuttles, to name a few — to autogas. Here are three ways that autogas can help your town save money:

With all the ways autogas reduces the cost of operating school buses, that money can be used for important things like teachers, books, technology and more.

Ready to put autogas to work for you? Contact Midwest Gas today to get started.

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