Propane Services for Businesses in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati

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Propane is used in a wide range of businesses.

Warehouses use it to power forklifts. Construction businesses use it for generators and temporary heating. Restaurants and commercial kitchens rely on it to turn out high-quality food at a high volume. Laundromats, hotels and commercial laundries use propane clothes dryers for faster, more energy efficient drying of laundry. Businesses, municipalities and school districts are discovering the advantages of using propane autogas for their fleet fueling.

Whatever way your business uses propane, Midwest Gas offers the reliable bulk propane delivery, forklift-cylinder exchange and propane autogas services you need.


Forklift-cylinder exchange

Whether your business uses forklifts in warehouses or manufacturing plants or on a construction site, propane forklifts are your best choice. Their low emissions mean that they can work indoors and outside, and their power and performance beat electric forklifts. We’ll make sure you always have the propane forklift cylinders you need for your forklifts at a fair, transparent price.

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auto gas


What do you get when you fuel your fleet with propane autogas? Reduced emissions, more efficient operation, easier fuel management, less maintenance, fewer repairs and longer equipment life. Whether you work for a school district, a municipality or a business, autogas offers great advantages. Midwest Gas can help you with everything from the grant process to setting up an autogas distribution center with pumps at your site. And you’ll also get the dependable bulk-delivery service we’ve been providing since 1945.

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Bulk propane delivery

If your business uses propane, you need a bulk propane-delivery service you can count on. Midwest Gas is a local family-owned business with deep roots in the business community in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati. We listen to our commercial customers, understand your needs, and provide responsive, personal service in ways the big national companies just can’t. We’ll create a custom plan for bulk propane delivery to your business and be there when you need us.

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