Why Should I Fill My Propane Tank In the Summer?

Why Should I Fill My Propane Tank In the Summer?

Be ready for heating season with Midwest Gas

During the summer, we’re thinking of cookouts, swimming pools, and outdoor living. We don’t want to be thinking about chilly weather forcing us back indoors and turning on the heat.

But taking a few minutes to make sure you’re ready when the temperature drops will allow you to enjoy the rest of summer with no worries. Now is the ideal time to have Midwest Gas make a propane delivery to your home, as well as take advantage of our pricing and payment options to stabilize your propane costs ahead of the heating season.

The benefits of a full propane tank in the summer

In the fall, the weather may be fickle, and we are vulnerable to early cold snaps.

Summer is the time to check the gauge on your tank to be sure you have enough propane to keep your home warm during unexpected chilly weather. You don’t want to be caught by surprise and need an emergency delivery. On top of the hassle and expense that can come from running out of gas, you would also need to have your propane tank pressure tested and the pilots on all your propane appliances professionally re-lit.

Summer is also the time to join our Automatic Delivery program to protect yourself from run-outs. Using your prior propane usage and present weather conditions, we can accurately predict when you’ll require more propane. We then arrange for delivery so that you don’t run out of fuel. It’s really simple and handy!

You not only get peace of mind with Automatic Delivery, but you also get a discount! Automatic Delivery customers get 10 cents per gallon off the Will-Call rate. Want to save even more money? Our Early Pay discount gives you an additional 5 cents per gallon off if you pay within 15 days of delivery!

Take time now to control your propane costs

Summer is also the time to choose among Midwest Gas’s pricing and payment options so you have a better handle on your propane costs over the coming winter.

We offer multiple options so you can customize how you manage your propane costs in a way that best meets your needs and your budget.

The Budget Plan spreads your propane costs over 11 easy monthly payments, so you don’t have spikes in your bill in the winter when you’re using more propane for home heating.

Pre-Buy and Lock-In plans allow you to purchase your propane ahead of heating season for a set price, freeing you from the worries of the price of propane going up because of weather or geopolitical conflicts impacting the global fuel markets.

Take the time now to protect yourself against yo-yoing heating costs this winter. Contact us today to top off your propane tank and to discuss our other delivery and payment options!