Refer a Friend to Midwest Gas!

Refer a Friend to Midwest Gas!

Be Rewarded for Doing a Good Deed

At Midwest Gas, we hope that you are happy with your propane services from us. Our goal every day is to make sure you stay happy.

We work hard to achieve that goal by providing dependable, safe propane delivery, propane tank installation done to the highest standards for quality and safety, affordable propane tank leasing, easy propane cylinder refills and recertifications, and expert installation of propane gas logs and space heaters.

If you are a satisfied Midwest Gas customer, we’d sincerely appreciate you sharing your feelings about our service and referring family and friends to us. We’ll show our gratitude with a reward for you from our Refer a Friend program!

Even in this digital age, no internet advertising will ever equal word-of-mouth when it comes to our business. After all, you’d trust what a friend, neighbor, coworker, or family member has to say more than an ad, right?

How Does Refer a Friend Work?

You and your friends frequently recommend things to one another, such as restaurants, businesses, events, and more. Perhaps it’s a big sale at a local store. You could have found a great novel for a friend’s book club to read. Maybe you’ve discovered a new bakery that does great cakes for parties. You might let them know about an upcoming concert coming to the area.

That is the objective of Refer a Friend. Do you know someone who is searching for propane services? They could be moving to town or dissatisfied with their present propane supplier.

Why not let them know about the responsive, trustworthy service you receive from Midwest Gas? It’s not only beneficial to your friend; it’s also beneficial to yourself!

For each family member or friend you refer who becomes a new Midwest Gas bulk propane-delivery customer and installs a new propane tank of 120 gallons or more, you’ll receive a $50 credit on your Midwest Gas delivery account.

There’s no limit as to how many times we’ll reward you, so refer as many friends and family as you like!

Contact us with any questions you have about our Refer a Friend program.