Get a Gas Check for Your Home

Get a Gas Check for Your Home

Midwest Gas can ensure your home is safe

Propane has an outstanding record when it comes to safety, thanks to strong industry standards upheld by propane suppliers like Midwest Gas as well as stringent government regulations.

To keep safe, maintenance is paramount. That’s why Midwest Gas proudly offers Gas Check, an inspection service designed to give you peace of mind that the propane system in your home is operating safely.

What is a Gas Check?

Gas Check was developed by the Propane Education Research Council (PERC) for local propane companies like Midwest Gas to help ensure that the homes of their propane customers are safely using propane.

The Gas Check you get from Midwest Gas involves our trained, experienced propane professionals coming to your home and performing a thorough inspection and review of your entire propane gas system.

Gas Check starts outdoors at your propane tank. We’ll check the tank’s overall condition, looking for signs of rust or wear, and components such as the relief valve and fittings. If you lease your propane tank from Midwest Gas, we’ll handle all the repairs. We also perform a pressure test and check the regulator to make sure the pressure of the gas from your tank to your home is adequate and safe.

We check all the gas piping to your home and inside your home to your propane appliances. Finally, we inspect every one of your home’s propane appliances. We carefully check the controls, pilots, burners and combustion chambers, the venting system, and the combustion air.

We document the process every step of the way with our Gas Check checklist. You get a copy for your records so you can be assured that you know about your home’s propane gas system and any work that needs to be done on it.

Know propane safety

Gas Check is an essential part of keeping your propane-powered home safe for you and your loved ones. Knowledge about propane safety is just as essential.

Go to our Propane Safety page and learn about what to do if you smell gas. We also have informative videos from PERC on subjects you should know about such as how to turn off your propane tank, how to read your propane tank gauge, and how to safely transport propane cylinders for refill or exchange.

Contact us today to schedule your Gas Check safety inspection!