Midwest Gas offers many service options to fit the needs of your home or business.  A variety of tank sizes, in both aboveground and underground models, are available for installation.  We also offer a delivery exchange service for forklift cylinders and 100-pound cylinders.  Our customer service staff will be happy to help you determine what is right for you.


Or, visit our offices where we charge per pound, not a flat rate, to refill your small propane cylinders.  You can purchase new cylinders ranging in size from twenty to forty pounds.  We also offer camper and RV refilling and sales of heaters, small appliances and parts.



Save $$ with Automatic Fill

We provide dependable delivery service by offering all customers a weekly scheduled route day as well as an Automatic Fill program.  When you choose the convenience of Autofill, your gas will be delivered at a discounted price per gallon with a second discount for early payment.


Avoid Surprises with Even Billing

Our Even Billing program provides you with a consistent bill amount and helps you manage the seasonal ups and downs that affect your heating costs.  The payment amount is based on the number of gallons you received during the past year and divided into equal monthly payments. 


Earn Free Gas for Your Referrals

If your family, friends or neighbors can benefit from our services, we would appreciate their business.  Ask them to mention your name when they are setting up a new account and you will receive a credit on your account good toward your next gas purchase.



Call for Details on These and Other Programs!


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